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  • Lincoln 225 final

    Lincoln Ranger 225

    • Top-of-the-line OHV engine: Kohler® Command® 23 HP CH730.
    • Three engine doors provide machine protection and easy service access.
    • Easy to Maintain – Engine requires an oil change only every 100 hours and every 200 hours for the oil filter.
    • Electric Start Switch for easy starts. Switch combines OFF, START, and IDLER functions into one simple...
  • Lincoln 250 final

    Lincoln Ranger 250

    • Totally Enclosed Case
    • Versatile AC/DC Welding
    • Excellent AC TIG welding with optional TIG Module and either a foot or hand Amptrol™ for aluminum and other alloy welding
    • Remote ready! 6-pin connector and local/remote switch for remote control operation
    • 23 HP Kohler® Gasoline Engine
    • Electric fuel gauge located on control...
  • Lincoln 305 Final

    Lincoln Ranger 305

    • Single, full-range output control dial. No confusion with taps and controls!
    • 4 welding modes: CC-Stick, Downhill Pipe, CV-Wire, and Touch Start TIG®.
    • Digital weld meters for amps and volts make it easy to precisely pre-set your procedures and monitor actual welding output.
    • Skewed rotor design provides AC power suitable for operating Lincoln Electric...
  • Vantage 500 Final 2

    Lincoln Vantage 500

    • Lockable, removable sliding engine access door provides ample space for engine and oil filter work without requiring a large clearance space on your truck.
    • One of the most compact 500 amp machines available. Suitable for many pickup and service trucks (subject to vehicle capacity limits).
    • Standard stainless steel roof, side panels and engine-access door deliver adde...
4 products